How to Stop a Cyber Bully

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to the bully to stop doing the harassment.


Keep Evidence

When there is someone bullying you, don’t forget to keep the evidence of the attacks such as emails, messages, and other posts like on social media that can help you prove that that person has been bullying you. You don’t really know if you will end up using the evidence if you file a report, but it can be very useful, if not the only thing you will need to prove the guilt of your bully. When you ask How to Stop Cyber Bullying, then keeping or trying to get evidence is really a powerful method.


Do not Reply

As we earlier mentioned, a cyber bully often gets satisfaction if the person he or she is attacking replies back and starts the whole back and forth of hateful messages. Why is this so? Because they like getting into the minds and nerves of people because that is how they feel that they are powerful and important. But if you don’t reply and they can’t get your attention, then they ultimately fail in what they are trying to do. This can work in a way that they totally stop and try to find another person to annoy because obviously they are not able to do that to you. So if you think that the best way for people to stop or fight a cyber bully is to make the same hateful and stupid remarks, then you should really try to just ignore the bully and don’t reply to his or her attacks. You might be surprised on just how easily some bullies give up.