How to Find and Contact Recruitment Agencies

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How to Find and Contact Recruitment Agencies

Whether you are a new job seeker or someone who has been working for many years, there are always some good benefits you can get when you work with recruitment agencies when you apply for jobs. Today, many companies use recruitment agencies to find applicants for their vacant positions not just because they don’t have the resources to do the hiring themselves, but more because they want to get the expertise and know-how of the recruiters when it comes to short listing and pre-interviewing candidates for a position.

If you are the job seeker, how can you find and contact recruiters in your area? Check out these tips now:

Submit Your Profile Online

There are many companies that go directly to the recruiters or job consultancy agency when trying to find the right people for their vacancies. So the best thing you can do to be one of those people who may be considered for the job is to find recruitment agencies in your city, check out their website and see if there is a function where you can submit unsolicited applications online. Through this method, you can have your profile added to their list of talents and be one of the people to be included if there is an available job that matches your skills and experience.

Check Dubai Recruitment Agencies List

Want to get your profile out there and broaden your reach? Then you should definitely create your own data base of Dubai Recruitment Agencies List where you have a list of the active recruiters in your city. You can also expand this by including agencies outside of your city and even in other countries, but just make sure that they are catering to the industry or field that you wish to work in. For example, if you want to get into engineering, just focus on listing down or finding recruiters who are focused on that certain industry so that you also don’t have this super extensive list but it becomes useless because most of the agencies listed there are not related to your industry. The chances of them contacting you and you getting a job from them is very small. You have to focus on the ones that are into your industry or if not, those that are still related or connected in some way or the other.


Attend trade shows and recruitment or job fairs in order to get to know some of the most active recruiters in your city. Be sure that when you attend trade shows, seminars, and other activities related to recruitment and human resource, you also prepare your documents such as an updated resume, your portfolio, and other relevant papers and sample works so that you are always ready to show or submit them at the event. Don’t forget that you also have to have your business card because even if you think that it is quite old fashioned compared to just giving your phone number or email directly to the person, it is still one of the easiest ways to share contact details. Visit Inspire Selection now for more info.